Fall 2010 – Emile Noël Fellows Forums

September 27TH, 2010

Martin Schain (USA), is Professor of Politics at New York University
Research Project: The Crisis of Immigrant Integration and the Emerging Politics of the Frontier: A Transatlantic Perspective

Aaron Afilalo (USA), Professor of Law at Rutgers – Camden School of Law
Research Project: The New Global Trading Order: The Evolving State and the Future of Trade

Carlos Closa (Spain), Affiliated Scholar at the Global Governance Programme at the EUI
Research Project: Transitional Justice in the EU: Legacies from the Past and the Understanding of the European politeia

Jean-Claude Piris (Algeria), Professor of European Law at Stockholm University
Research Project: The Case for a Two Speed Europe

October 18TH, 2010

Dilletta Tegga (Italy) is a researcher of Constitutional Law at the University of Milan – Bicocca, School of Law. She is lecturer of Public Law and Protection of Fundamental Rights, at the University of Bologna, graduate degree in International cooperation, regulation and protection of fundamental rights and etno-cultural inheritance
Research Project: Religion in the Public Educational Sphere: how to keep together neutrality and pluralism?

Judicaël Etienne (France), PhD in Law from the Université de Louvain (UCL), Centre Ch. De Visscher pour le droit international et européen (CeDIE), in September 2010
Research Project: An EU Constitutional Principle of Loyalty towards International Law

Dr. Karine Caunes (France), Jean Monnet Research Fellow within the Center for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice at NYU School of Law and the coordinator of the Total Law program
Research Project: Questioning the Legal Nature of the European Union

October 20TH, 2010

Jan-Peter Hix (Germany) is a legal adviser in the Legal Service of the Council of the EU. As a member of the external relations team he advises, in particular, the Trade Policy Committee and the Trade Questions Working Party of the Council
Research Project: The Indirect Effect of WTO Law in Litigation Before the US and EU Courts

Michelle Zang (China) defended her PhD thesis in July, 2010 at Durham Law School, UK. Her thesis is titled “The EU-China relations as a Paradigm of WTO Contingent Trade Protection under the Transitional Mechanisms”
Research Project: China’s Accession to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement with a Comparative Study of the EU Procurement Regime