Senior Emile Noël Fellows

  • Agnieszka Frąckowiak-Adamska

    Agnieszka Frąckowiak-Adamska is a University professor at the Department of International and European Law at the University of Wrocław and an author of publications in leading Polish and European legal journals on European Judicial Area (civil and criminal), EU Citizenship, Rule of Law, Fundamental Rights, Internal Market and the role of national judges in the […]

    Research Project:

    The application of EU fundamental rights against the Member States – lessons from the American experience. The Charter of Fundamental […]

  • Alicja Sikora-Kaléda

    Alicja Sikora-Kalėda, Dr hab., is an EU law academic, lecturer and practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in EU law and litigation. Her monograph “Constitutionalisation of environmental protection in EU law” (Europa Law Publishing 2020) received wide acclaim and was awarded a First prize in the LVIII Polish Academy of Sciences National Contest […]

    Research Project:

    (Re)constructing legitimacy: mapping the substance and limits of the EU’s emerging environmental constitutional identity. The EU’s efforts to address climate […]

  • Andreas Voßkuhle

    Andreas Voßkuhle is Professor of Public Law at the University of Freiburg and Director of the Institute for Political Science and Philosophy of Law (Dept. I). He studied law at the Universities of Bayreuth and Munich. He received his doctorate from the LMU Munich in 1992 with a dissertation on “Legal Protection against the Judge”, […]

    Research Project:

    The German Constitution as „Constitution of the Middle“ in Comparison to US Constitutional Practice. The Resilience of Constitutional Courts. First, […]

  • Enzo Cannizzaro

    Enzo Cannizzaro is full professor of International Law and European Union Law at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He has been visiting professor at a number of prestigious academic institutions in the United States and in Europe, including the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; l’Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, l’université Paris 2, Panthéon-Assas; l’Université Paul […]

    Research Project:

    The Transformation of General International Law. The project focuses on the process of change of GIL and on its capacity […]

  • Marian Angeles Ahumada Ruiz

    Marian Ahumada, born in Santander, is Professor of Constitutional Law at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). She obtained her LL.B. at the Universidad de Valladolid and holds a Ph.D. in Law with special doctor europaeus mention and extraordinary honour recognition from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. She also has a Diploma of Specialization in […]

    Research Project:

    Constitutional Courts Transformations

  • Stefania Ninatti

    I am Full Professor of Constitutional Law at the School of Law, University of Milano Bicocca, where I have been teaching since 2012. Previously, I taught for several years at the University of Turin, School of Economics. Currently, I teach courses on Public Law, European Constitutional Law, and Religious Pluralism and European Integration. I earned […]

    Research Project:

    Law, Religion and Distrust. While religious freedom stands as an undisputed asset of European constitutionalism, today it is at the […]

  • Wolfgang Schön

    Wolfgang Schön is the Director of the Department of Business and Tax Law at the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance in Munich and Honorary Professor at Munich University. Before joining the Max Planck Society in 2002, he studied law in Bonn (1979 – 1984), clerked for the Cologne Court of Appeals […]

    Research Project:

    The Future of the Fiscal State in Europe. The shape of the European Union and the institutional interaction between the […]

  • Emile Noël Fellows

    • Antonio Aloisi

      Antonio’s research critically explores how advanced technologies are transforming workplace dynamics and examines the potential of social institutions to foster a more sustainable future of work. In 2020, he received a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship for his project on how algorithms influence decision-making at work. As a professor at IE University Law School in Madrid, Antonio […]

      Research Project:

      Regenerating Labor Regulation to Achieve Green and Digital Sustainability. Hybrid work, the four-day week, cyber–physical environments, office–less companies, and flexible […]

    • Christian Neumeier

      Christian is a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Law at Humboldt University Berlin. He holds a PhD in Law from Humboldt University and an LLM from Yale Law School. In his PhD, he examined how the emerging administrative state shaped key legal concepts in 19th century German public law and how this lasting influence […]

      Research Project:

      The Power to Speak. Government speech in the European public sphere. Governments do not just legislate, adjudicate, or administer the […]

    • Federica Fedorczyk

      Federica Fedorczyk is a Research Fellow at EURA, European Jean Monnet Center of Excellence on the Regulation of Robotics & AI at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, where she works on AI regulation and the ethical-legal assessment of advanced technologies in light of the EU AI Act. She graduated in Law with honors […]

      Research Project:

      ‘Democratizing AI: a critical examination of the EU AI Act in the context of AI top-down misuse.’ Even in democracies, […]

    • Filip Batselé

      Filip Batselé is a legal historian and international lawyer with a PhD in Laws from Ghent University and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Double degree). He defended his PhD in October 2023, which focused on the law and politics of early (1959-1989) bilateral investment treaty (BITs) negotiations of (West-)Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Since then, […]

      Research Project:

      ‘Big Oil’ and the Creation of International Investment Law (1956-1989). My research project assesses international investment law from the perspective […]

    • Gianmarco Cristofari

      Gianmarco Cristofari is a postdoctoral research fellow in philosophy of law at the University of Palermo, Italy, within the research project “EquAl: Equitable Algorithms, Promoting Fairness and Countering Algorithmic Discrimination Through Norms and Technologies”, where he works on the role of AI and digital platforms in the discrimination of asylum seekers. Gianmarco holds a law […]

      Research Project:

      The boundaries of the legal system. Assessing the constitutional legitimacy of platform institutionalization in the EU. Over the last twenty […]

    • Kris van der Pas

      Kris van der Pas is a postdoctoral researcher at Tilburg University, working on a project on judicial lawmaking in public interest litigation. In this research, part of two wider research projects, she looks into US and Dutch class actions by public interest organizations in the fields of discrimination and privacy and the construction of legitimacy by judges […]

      Research Project:

      Framework for researching impact of strategic litigation campaigns in the field of European migration law. Strategic litigation in the field […]

    • Mario R Osorio Hernandez

      Mario R. Osorio Hernandez is a Senior Fellow at Georgetown Law, where he focuses on research, writing, and teaching at the intersection of trade, investment, tax, antitrust, sustainable development, and legal theory. In addition to his academic work, Mario serves as a secretary/assistant to international trade panels established under the United States-Canada-Mexico Agreement (USMCA) and […]

      Research Project:

      Is International Economic Law International or Economic (or Law)? This research project challenges conventional wisdom about the nature of the […]

    • Valerio Bontempi

      Valerio Bontempi (Rome, 1993) is Research Fellow in Administrative Law at University of Tuscia (Italy). In 2023 he obtained the Italian National Habilitation as Associate Professor in Administrative Law. He is a PhD in “Government and Institutions” at University of Roma Tre (since 2021). He was Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Administrative Law at Luiss Guido […]

      Research Project:

      Digital State(s) and Administrative Law. A Comparison between Models of Public Regulation. The formula “Digital State” has been coined in […]