Introduction to the Jean Monnet Program

The Jean Monnet Project

Under the Jean Monnet Project, the European Commission supports university initiatives aimed at creating teaching activities in European integration. Launched in 1990 at the specific request of the academic world, the Jean Monnet Project aims to promote teaching in European integration, in particular in Law, Economics, Political Science and History – the disciplines where European Union developments are becoming an increasingly important part of the subject studied and where student demand is at its greatest.

The Jean Monnet Program Internet Activities

The Jean Monnet Program pages include the Jean Monnet Working Papers with the European Research Papers Archive (ERPA – a common access point for high quality papers in the area of European integration research), teaching materials in The Law of the European Union, the Law of Regional Economic Integration in the American Hemisphere and the Law of World Trade, and the European Integration Current Contents (Table of Contents Awareness Service) pages. The European Journal of International Law and the European Foreign Policy Bulletin online are also part of the Academy of European Law online. We appreciate feedback.