Emile Noël Fellows Forum



The Emile Noël Fellows Forum makes up the ‘intellectual heart’ of our Center at NYU. The Forum, composed of the Fellows of the Center and invited guests, meets regularly throughout the semester to discuss presentations of ongoing research and developments within the sphere of interest of the Center. In the Fall semester, each Fellow presents his or her research in some preliminary form, while in the Spring semester, Fellows present in a more fulsome way on the results of their research.  Previous Fellows presented in the same way and found it very useful, so we continue with this practice.

Discussion in the Forum is intense, critical but always friendly and supportive. It is the principal means for Fellows to interact intellectually, receive feedback on their research and enjoy the synergies which intellectual communities at their best are able to provide.

Previous to 2009 the Hauser Global Fellows and the Emile Noël fellows held forums in the same space under the Global Fellows umbrella. Since 2009 the Emile Noël fellows have held their forums at the beautiful 22 Washington Square North while Hauser Global Fellows Forums remained in Furman Hall. To view the Hauser Global Fellows Forums please click here.