Violeta Moreno-Lax

Professor Violeta Moreno-Lax is Full Professor of Law (on special leave) at Queen Mary University of London, specialising in international and EU law at the intersection with migration, border violence, and security studies. She is the founder of Queen Mary’s Immigration Law … [Read more...]

Anna-Bettina Kaiser

Anna-Bettina Kaiser holds a chair in Public Law and General Jurisprudence at the Law Faculty at Humboldt University Berlin. Previously, she was Professor (2014-2021) and Junior Professor (2010-2014) for Public Law at Humboldt University. She received her doctorate in 2007 and her … [Read more...]

Oreste Pollicino

I am full Professor of Constitutional Law in Bocconi. I also teach the courses on GDPR, Media Law, Internet Law and I am Honest Broker appointed by the European Commission for the negotiation on the ‘Strengthened EU Code of Practice on disinformation  on line which I  delivered … [Read more...]

Gila Stopler

Prof. Gila Stopler is former Dean of the Law School and associate professor at the College of Law & Business, Israel. She serves as the editor-in-chief of the journal Law & Ethics of Human Rights (LEHR). She also serves on the advisory board of the International Journal … [Read more...]

Kieran Bradley

Kieran Bradley is a member of several staff appeals bodies for international organizations, notably the Inter-American Bank in Washington D.C., the International Maritime Organization, London, the European Space Agency, Paris, and the European Stability Mechanism, Luxembourg. He … [Read more...]