1995 Jean Monnet Working Papers

No. 1/95
J.H.H. Weiler/Ulrich Haltern/Franz Mayer
European Democracy and Its Critics — Five Uneasy Pieces.

No. 2/95
Jose de Areilza
Sovereignty or Management? The Dual Character of the EC’s Supranationalism — Revisited.

No. 3/95
Sarah Strasser
Evolution & Effort: The Development of a Strategy of Docket Control for the European Court of Justice & The Question of Preliminary References.

No. 4/95
Darcy S. Binder
The European Court of Justice and the Protection of Fundamental Rights in the European Community: New Developments and Future Possibilities in Expanding Fundamental Rights Review to Member State Action.

No. 5/95
Steve J. Boom
The European Union after the Maastricht Decision: Is Germany the “Virginia of Europe?”.

No. 6/95
J.H.H. Weiler
The State “uber alles”: Demos, Telos and the German Maastricht Decision.

No. 7/95
J.H.H. Weiler
Der Staat “uber alles”: Demos, Telos und die Maastricht-Entscheidung des Bundesverfassungsgerichts.

No. 8/95
Kieron Beal
Of Giants and Pygmies: Analysis of Rights and Remedies between two Contracting Parties under Article 85 of the Treaty of Rome.

No. 9/95
G.R. Milner-Moore
The Accountability of Private Parties under the Free Movement of Goods Principle.

No. 10/95
Theodor Schilling
Subsidiarity as a Rule and a Principle, or: Taking Subsidiarity Seriously.

No. 11/95
Jeremy Richmond
Race Discrimination in the European Union: Potential Sources of Protection for Racial Minorities.

No. 12/95
J.H.H. Weiler
Europe After Maastricht — Do the New Clothes have an Emperor ?

No. 13/95
J.W.R. Reed
Political Review of the European Court of Justice and its Jurisprudence.