Understanding the EU and its Crisis through the Lens of Demoicracy: A Conversation

Convened by Professor Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Joint Straus/Senior Emile Noël Fellow, NYU School of Law; Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford, and Professor Joseph Weiler, Director, Jean Monnet Center for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice; Director, The Straus Institute for the Advanced Study of Law & Justice NYU School of Law.

Workshop Contributors:

Philippe Raynaud, Straus Fellow, NYU School of Law; University of Panthéon-Assas

Kenneth Armstrong, Senior Emile Noël Fellow, NYU School of Law; Queen Mary University of London

Pasquale Pasquino, Joint Straus/Senior Emile Noël Fellow, NYU School of Law; New York University

Luis Barroso, Emile Noël Fellow, NYU School of Law; Católica University

Sara Lorenzon, Emile Noël Fellow, NYU School of Law; University of Ferrara

Christina Eckes, Emile Noël Fellow, NYU School of Law; University of Amsterdam

Bosko Tripkovic, NYU School of Law

Peter Lindseth, University of Connecticut

Daniel Kelemen, Rutgers University

James Bohman, Saint Louis University

Jan-Werner Mueller, Princeton University

Franck Schimmelfennig, ETH Zurich (European Politics Research Group)

Francis Cheneval, University of Zurich

Pavlos Eleftheriadis, University of Oxford

Dario Castiglione, University of Exeter

Christian Joerges, University of Bremen; Hertie-School of Governance

Sandra Lavenex, University of Lucerne

Turkuler Isiksel, Columbia University

François-Xavier Millet, University of Toulouse 1 Capitole

Antoinette Scherz, University of Zurich

Rebecca Welge, ETH Zurich (European Politics Research Group)

Thomas Winzen, ETH Zurich (Center for Comparative and International Studies)

Workshop Participants:

Gráinne de Búrca, NYU School of Law

Robert Howse, NYU School of Law
Sujit Choudhry, NYU School of Law

Bruce Cain, Straus Fellow NYU School of Law; Stanford University

Jack Snyder, Straus Fellow, NYU School of Law; Columbia University

Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Senior Emile Noël Fellow, NYU School of Law; University of Geneva

Ivana Isailovic, NYU School of Law

Thomas Carter Adams, NYU School of Law

Niels Petersen, NYU School of Law

Anu Bradford, Columbia Law School

Charles Sabel, Columbia University

Cristina Gonta, Columbia University

 Afroditi Giovanopoulou, Harvard Law School (S.J.D.)

Michael Buess, University of Lucerne

Michal Tamir, Tikvah Fellow, NYU School of Law

Guy Sinclair, J.S.D. Student, NYU School of Law

Valeria Silva, Global Research Fellow, NYU School of Law

Catherine McCauliff, Seton Hall University School of Law

Valentin Bojilov, LL.M Student, NYU School of Law

Christiane Lemke, Max Weber Chair in German and European Studies, NYU

Beate Sissenich, Visiting Scholar, Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, NYU

Kostis Kornetis, Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, NYU

Margarita Markoviti, The European Institute, LSE

Florian Hoffman, Dekeyser & Friends


                                Session I                                                        Session II

                             Thursday, March 7, 2013                                   Friday, March 8, 2013

                    NYU Institutes on the Park                                        Lipton Hall

                        1st Floor Conference Room                                   D’Agostino Hall

                                22 Washington Sq. N.                                       108 West 3rd Street

                               9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.                                      9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Session III

Friday, March 8, 2013

Lester Pollack Colloquium Room

Furman Hall, 9th Floor

245 Sullivan Street

2:00p.m. – 4:00.pm.

Discussion Abstract: Conversation was based around the two pieces on demoicracy published in the March 2013 issue of JCMS by Cheneval/Schimmelfennig and Nicolaidis. Initial commentaries were offered, inter alia, by Joseph Weiler on messianism and the fate of demoicracy; Bellamy and Dario Castiglione on issues of representation and citizenship; and Christian Joerges on issues of law and politics through a demoicratic lens.

Possible Themes: What does “demoicracy” mean; How does the concept relate to the debate on European constitutionalism and international law; What are the institutional implications of a demoicratic understanding and how should we combine vertical and  horizontal dimensions; What kinds of democratic expression best fit a demoicratic polity; Is European demoicracy stable and to what extent is it threatened by the current crisis; What determines whether a demoicracy is no longer a demoicracy – e.g. is “not a state” a useful criterion; How does a demoicracy bypass stalemates and veto players; How can we best combine normative and deductive methods in elaborating a demoicratic approach?