Women, politics and gender in Argentine football clubs. An ethnographic approach to the gender area of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata.

This article aims to analyze the emergency and consolidation of the gender area of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata club, in the context of the advancement of feminism and women’s movement in Argentina.

Based on the ethnographic field work with the women who created the gender area in 2018, I intend to comprehend how a group of female members and supporters of Gimnasia organize politically in the club with the aim of eradicating structural machismo and introducing gender perspective among its leaders, supporters, athletes and members. They mobilize the repertoire of feminism, based on the notions of horizontality and equality, in the football world structured around the logic of aguante that promotes a conception of football rivalry in terms of enmity, and that is crossed by notions such as bravery, honour and manliness.

The article allows to illuminate how football becomes an object of dispute for feminism Argentine feminism. In the context of a broader social movement that refers to the Argentine women’s movement in relation to the broader process of conquering women’s rights in the region, the dispute for the right to play, narrate, direct and manage football has gained great prominence.