Balancing the Scales:          The World Bank Sanctions Process and Access to Remedies

The evolution over the years of the mandates and missions of international organizations has reached an important milestone with the emergence and multiplication in the last decade of procedures and mechanisms having a direct impact over individuals and companies. This has gone together with the call for the creation of international remedies with judicial features.

           International organizations, including the World Bank, have established sanction mechanisms in an effort to combat corruption and fraud. They are applicable to companies and individuals involved in activities with international financial institutions through procurement or consultancy activities. The World Bank experience offers an interesting example: the decision to sanction individuals and companies entailed the need to provide access to remedies to such non-State actors. External and internal pressures have pushed the institution to putting in place very quickly a mechanism with judicial features. Due process requirements have had a substantial impact on the profile of remedies available to non-State actors in this area.