Jean Monnet Center Public Law Workshop Series (not open to public)

convened by

Nathalie A. Smuha, Arturo Villagran & Bernadette Zelger

NYU School of Law


The purpose of this workshop series is to provide scholars working in the broad field of public law the opportunity to discuss their ongoing research and to share recent developments in their respective fields that can be of interest to others. The workshop will take place every Tuesday at the conference room of the Jean Monnet Center (22 Washington Square North) either from 1.15-2.30 pm (preceded by lunch) or from 4.00-5.15 pm (followed by drinks). We start off with a brief presentation, followed by a discussion and exchange of thoughts in an informal setting.

This initiative aims to take advantage of the inspiring academic environment of the center and to get to know scholars inside and outside the Law School, so as to discuss their work. To this end, the workshop can be seen as an opportunity for further academic enrichment and debate.

Here below the calendar of the workshop series. Please note that it is subject to change.


Tuesday 31 October – 1.15-2.30 pm

Viktoria (Vicky) Robertson, WU Vienna

  • The Transition to a Green and Digital Economy: Is Antitrust Law Fit for Purpose?

Tuesday 7 November – 1.15-2.30 pm

Arturo Villagran, NYU School of Law

  • Global South approaches to Public Law

Tuesday 14 November – 4.30-5.45 pm

Moshe Halbertal, NYU School of Law & Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Tuesday 21 November – 1.15-2.30 pm

Nora Markard, University of Munster

Tuesday 28 November – 4.00-5.15 pm

Joyce De Coninck, NYU School of Law & University of Gent

  • The EU’s human rights responsibility remedy gap: Deconstructing human rights impunity of international organizations

Tuesday 5 December – 1.15-2.30 pm

Gila Stopler, College of Law & Business (Israel)

Tuesday 12 December – 4.00-5.15 pm

Jorge Gaxiola, NYU School of Law

  • Conflicts of rights and moral remainders in legal adjudication: The case of defamation

 Winter break