Michelle Q. Zang

just defended her PhD thesis in July at Durham Law School, UK. Her thesis is titled “The EU-China relations as a Paradigm of WTO Contingent Trade Protection under the Transitional Mechanisms”. Michelle holds a LLM (Distinction) in European Legal Studies from Durham University and obtained the Bachelor in Law from Fudan University, China. She received the “Best Performance Award” for Postgraduate Students and has been teaching in European law and international trade law since 2008 at Durham University.

Research Project

China’s Accession to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement: Challenges and Prospective Furtherance

This project aims to investigate the government procurement system of China and seek for the reform direction towards a competent domestic system in accordance with the international disciplines. It mainly consists of two parts of studies: the assessment of China’s WTO implementation in government procurement and a comparative study of the procurement mechanism between the EU and China. The first part examines China’s procurement practice in terms of the envisaged GPA accession with the attempt to explore the major challenges and deficiencies in the current regime. The second part comprises a comparative study between the EU and China, which will search for the potential resolutions for, on the one hand, the slow-paced policy development in government procurement at the WTO and on the other hand, the prospective furtherance of the procurement regime in China.