Leticia Diez Sanchez

Leticia is a PhD candidate in EU Law at the European University Institute and a Fulbright-Schuman Scholar. She holds a Master’s in Politics and Government in the EU from the London School of Economics, an LLM in European Legal Studies from the University of Bristol and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Granada. She was a visiting doctoral researcher at NYU in 2016, and has previously been an intern at the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Parliament.

Leticia is interested in the way EU law interacts with inequality, especially regarding litigation and judicial decision-making. She has been part of several research projects at the European University Institute (Constitutional Change through Euro-Crisis Law, European Regulatory Private Law) and worked on topics such as the application of the Francovich doctrine in Spain, the distributive impact of international trade legislation and the social impact of euro-crisis measures.

Research Project

The Court as a distributive actor: Mapping the distributive conflicts in the process of integration through law. My project seeks to unveil the distributive conflicts at the core of the process of ‘integration through law’. It does so in two ways. From a ‘demand’ point of view, it analyses how different actors use the judicial system of the EU to challenge the distribution of wealth and income. From a ‘supply’ point of view, it analyses how the CJEU has arbitrated between the distributive claims of different groups. The result is an alternative narrative of legal integration that does not focus on the integrationist force of the case law but instead shows the social conflicts that have driven litigation in the EU as well as the winners and losers of these dynamics.