1997 Jean Monnet Working Papers

No. 1/97
Joel P. Trachtman
Trade and . . . . Problems, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Subsidiarity

No. 2/97
PP Craig
Democracy and rulemaking within the ec: An empirical and normative assessment

No. 3/97
Neil Fligstein and Jason McNichol
The Institutional Terrain of the European Union

No. 4/97
Rainer Baubˆck
Citizenship and national identities in the european union

No. 5/97
Christina R. Sevilla
A Political Economy Model of GATT/WTO Trade Complaints

No. 6/97
Josephine Shaw
Citizenship of the union: Towards Post-National Membership?

No. 7/97
Kalypso Nicolaodis
Mutual Recognition of Regulatory Regimes: Some Lessons and Prospects

No. 9/97
Wolfgang Streeck
Citizenship Under Regime Competition: The Case of the ,,European Works Councils”

No. 10/97
Mark C. Fleming
The functionality of citizenship

Serena B. Wille
Recapturing a Lost Opportunity: Article III:2 GATT 1994 Japan-Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages 1996

Andrew T. Guzmán
Explaining The Popularity of Bilateral Investment Treaties:Why LDCs Sign Treaties That Hurt Them

Roberto Bruno and Joseph H.H. Weiler
Access of Private Parties to International Dispute Settlement: A Comparative Analysis

Alec Stone Sweet and Thomas L. Brunell
The European Court and the National Courts: A Statistical Analysis of Preliminary References, 1961-95