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Yardsticks for "Trade and Environment":
Economic Analysis of the WTO Panel and the Appellate Body Reports
regarding Environment-oriented Trade Measures

Kohei Saito *

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* Third Secretary, Embassy of Japan in the United States; LL.M., Harvard Law School (2001). A draft of this paper was presented to the Jean Monnet Seminar on the European Union, NAFTA and the WTO: Advanced Issues in Law and Policy, at Harvard Law School, in March 2001. This author thanks Professor Joseph. H.H.Weiler and the participants to the Seminar for their very useful criticism and comments. This author also expresses appreciation to Professor Bruce L. Hay, Harvard Law School, for his comments from economic viewpoints. The views expressed in this Article are the author's and do not represent the official position of the Government of Japan. Comments on this paper should be sent to


© Kohei Saito 2001


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