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The Application of the Europe Agreement and European Law in Hungary: the Judgment of an Activist Constitutional Court on Activist Notions

By János Volkai [*]

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[*]European University Institute, Florence.
It is appropriate that I express my gratitude at the beginning of this paper to the following persons: Giuliano Amato , Professor, Department of Law, European University Institute ('EUI'); Barna Berke , Professor, Department of Private International Law, ELTE University (Budapest); Gráinne de Búrca , Professor, Department of Law, EUI; Catherine Dupré , former PhD Researcher, EUI; Claus Dieter Ehlermann , Professor, Department of Law, EUI; Mihály Ficsor , former Head, European Law Directorate, Ministry of Justice of the Hungarian Republic; David Geary , PhD Researcher, EUI; Michael Massmann , Visiting PhD Researcher, EUI; György Rubovszky ; President, Constitutional Affairs Committee, Hungarian Parliament; Joanne Scott , Jean Monnet Fellow, EUI; József Sárai , Head, International Department, Hungarian Office of Economic Competition; Allan F. Tatham , Legal Expert, Delegation of the European Commission, Hungary. Notwithstanding their help and their useful comments on earlier versions of this paper, the author is solely responsible for any mistakes or omissions that might have occurred.
Unless indicated otherwise, all Hungarian legislation, judgments, submissions and opinions cited in this paper have been translated by the author. Since the translated documents date from the period before the entry into force of the Amsterdam Treaty, relevant EC Treaty Articles are referenced in the paper according to their pre-Amsterdam numbering.

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