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An 'Ever Closer Union' in Need of a Human Rights Policy: The European Union and Human Rights

By Philip Alston and J. H. H. Weiler [*] 1

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[*] 1 Respectively Professor of International Law, European University Institute, and Manley Hudson Professor of Law, Harvard University. Members of the Editorial Board. This analysis is adapted from a report prepared for the Comité des Sages which was responsible for `Leading by Example: A Human Rights Agenda for the European Union for the Year 2000'. The Agenda was made public in October 1998 and can be found at The Committee, consisted of Judge Antonio Cassese, Mme. Catherine Lalumière, Professor Peter Leuprecht, and Mrs. Mary Robinson. The authors are deeply indebted to the members of a Drafting Group which discussed both the outline and many of the details of this Report. In addition to the authors it was composed of Ms Mara Bustelo, Mr James Heenan, Mme. Catherine Lalumière, Mr Michael O'Boyle, and Professors Andrew Clapham, Gráinne de Búrca, Bruno de Witte and Peter Leuprecht. They are not, however, responsible for the content of this analysis. Many of the analyses referred to below were also prepared for the same purpose and will be published in P. Alston (ed.), The European Union and Human Rights (forthcoming, Oxford University Press in English, and Bruylant in French).


© Philip Alston and J.H.H. Weiler 1999



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