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European Integration
- The New German Scholarship -

The Max Planck Institute for Comparative
Public Law and International Law

in cooperation with

the Jean Monnet Center
at NYU School of Law

The title of this symposium is European Integration: The New German Scholarship. Note: It is not Recent German Scholarship but New German Scholarship. It could have had a slightly different title: European Integration New, Young and Fresh German scholarship. But that might have offended us, my generation, the Old and the Stale! The initiative came from the new (young and fresh) Director the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg: A symposium revisiting many of the central constitutional themes of the European legal order in which the main protagonists would indeed be the most promising scholars form the up-and-coming generation. The commentators were mostly scholars from other jurisdictions and other traditions - avoiding at least some of the pitfalls of cloning, careerism and worse. The results, taken as a whole, are most interesting; not only because of what we learn about the legal order of the Union, but what we learn about the Changing of the Guards in German European legal scholarship.

The Jean Monnet Center is hoping to co-sponsor similar Symposia originating from other Member States and would welcome suggestions from institutions or centers in other Member States.


Professor Armin von Bogdandy
- Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law

Professor J.H.H. Weiler
- European Union Jean Monnet Chair,
Director of the Global Law School, NYU School of Law


1. Armin von Bogdandy
- Doctrine of Principles

2. Robert Uerpmann
- International Law as an Element of European Constitutional Law: International Supplementary Constitutions

3. Franz Mayer
- The European Constitution and the Courts - Adjudicating European constitutional law in a multilevel system

4. Stefan Kadelbach
- Union Citizenship

5. Juergen Bast
- On the Grammar of EU Law: Legal Instruments

6. Antje Wiener
- Towards a Transnational Nomos - The Role of Institutions in the Process of Constitutionalization

7. Neil Walker
- Reconstituting European Integration in Theory and Practice: A comment on Antje Wiener

8. Werner Schroeder
- European Union and European Communities

9. Ramses A. Wessel
- The Constitutional Relationship between the European Union and the European Community: Consequences for the Relationship with the Member States

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