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Exploring WTO dispute settlement in US Anti-dumping Act 1916: An easy case?

Philip De Keyser *

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* Lic.jur. (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2000), LL.M (Harvard University, 2001). This paper is a revised version of a seminar paper written in the framework of the Jean Monnet Seminar at Harvard Law School (Spring 2001). The author would like to express his indebtedness to in particular Prof. J.H.H. Weiler, who through his teaching stimulated the author's interest in WTO law; Sung-Joon Cho, who was always there with thoughtful suggestions, Zaid Al-Ali, who was his `sparring partner' during the seminar presentation of this paper, and Gaspar Bergman. Of course all errors are entirely to be attributed to the author. He would also like to thank the Belgian-American Educational Foundation, whose financial support made inter alia this paper possible. The author is currently an attorney at Stibbe (dept. of administrative law, Brussels) and can be reached by e-mail at:


© Philip De Keyser 2001


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